Mt Kenya FAQs


Mount Kenya FAQs

Comfortably, within 4 days you can climb Mount Kenya and get to point Lenana and back. But when rock-climbing to point Batian you need a minimum of 6 days. Read more.

Generally, Mt Kenya is not hard nor is it simple to climb. It’s not hard because it’s not high so not bad for altitude but don’t underestimate it as most people start developing altitude sickness from 4000m. It’s not also easy to climb as it has uneven terrain whereby you will have to ascend steep hills and go down valleys. Read More

The cost of climbing Mount Kenya depends on different factors such as the number of days or people in a group. Other factors include the Travel Company you choose and the time of the year you will hike the mountain.

As there are different trekking routes on Mount Kenya, there are different options and prices as well. The cost of climbing the mountain should include the park and facilitation fees. An average of $200 per day per person is usually a fair deal. Read More

Current new government regulations require you to have a guide while climbing Mt Kenya. A good experienced guide is so important on Mount Kenya, for two reasons; they will regulate your pace, be able to draw on their experience to diagnose altitude sickness symptoms and have the confidence to make critical decisions and their knowledge of the wildlife and fauna on the mountain will bring the environment alive. Read More

Being successful in climbing Mount Kenya is all about preparation. Preparation isn’t limited to buying the necessary supplies and readying your body for the climb though. Picking the right time to make your journey is also involved in the preparation process. Read More for in depth requirements.

The idea of climbing a mountain can be exciting yet intimidating at the same time. You know that there’s a rewarding view and scenery when you get to the top, but you’re worried about the whole process and the climb itself.

How do you prepare? What should you expect? Any dos and don’ts? Don’t fret. We’ve rounded up these important tips for mount Kenya climbing beginners! Read More

Typically, expect to tip between 8-12% of what you paid up front for a trek (to be divided between the team. The budget is around $100 – $150 (depending on the length of trek) per person to be distributed amongst the entire trek crew. Read More

Mt.Kenya has mountain huts which are managed by private groups in all three routes. Some of them especially Sirimon side are well taken care of.  There are also camping grounds with basic facilities ideal for camping comfortably. Read More

Proper equipment is extremely important to the success, enjoyment, comfort and safety of your trip. Please bring the following items for your climb. Porters will carry up to 22 lbs (10Kilogrames) of your personal gear, no more! If you pack by this list, you will meet the weight limit. Read More