How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Kenya?

How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Kenya

How long does it take to climb mount kenya? You may ask.  Comfortably, within 4 days you can climb Mount Kenya and get to point Lenana and back. But when rock-climbing to point Batian you need a minimum of 6 days.

You can also do a traverse and spend 6 days on the mountain. 4 to 5 days on the mountain. How long you take to climb the mountain depends on the route you choose.

When deciding on a route, it’s good to be realistic. Trekking for many hours a day in both hot and cold weather can be tiresome. However, to avoid ruining your adventure it is important that you consider a simpler route to the mountain.

You will also need to consider the time you have available for hiking. Ensure that you allow yourself a day to prepare for the trip. After hiking, you will most likely want a day to rest too.

Remember, climbing Mount Kenya isn’t all about reaching the summit either. To make the most of your time in this phenomenal park, you should choose your route based on the things you’ll get to see.

The chogoria route might be perfect if you want an easier route with more animals and landscapes. The Naro Moru is the best route if you are descending the mountain.

Below are all the trails that can help you climb Mt Kenya and how long you can take hiking. They include;

  1. Naro Moru Trail

For this trail, you will need approximately three to four days.

The Naro Moru trail being one of Mt Kenya’s famous trails is the shortest trail to Point Lenana Summit. For that reason, it is the most chosen trail by hikers.

It is important that you also consider your hiking ability before choosing the number of days to spend on the mountain. Physically fit hikers can hike up the mountain using this trail no matter its steepness.

However, you will note that most hikers use a different trail to ascend and use the Naro Moru trail to descend. That way, it will help you save up on time ascending the steep Naro Moru trail.

Naro Moru Route

Take this classic route up Mount Kenya though the notoriously treacherous vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley beneath the Tyndall, The Lewis Glacier.

Though the summit can be reached in 4 days as per the below itinerary, we strongly recommend an overnight acclimatization at the base, probably at Naro Moru River Lodge.

  1. Burguret Trail

To climb Mt Kenya using the Burguret Trail will take you three to seven days.

The route starts from Mountain Rock Hotel and goes through the forest past Gathiuru Forest Station to an indistinct road at the end of the plantation area – 2,500m. The trail continues from here to elephant camp 2,600m.

The trail cuts through tropical rainforests till it gets to the more open Hagenia –Hypericum Zone 2860m and eventually to the Heath Zone from where you can now clearly see the peaks.

How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Kenya

When using Burguret Trail you will need an expert guide. This is because of the wild animals and the dense forest that you might meet on your way. This trail is also challenging because it is not well marked hence few hikers choose it.

Most hikers can hike this route to the summit at Point Lenana and use a different route to get down from the mountain. The number of days you spend on the mountain will depend on the trail you choose to descend.

If you choose a longer trail to descend, you will end up taking up to seven days on the mountain.

  1. Sirimon Trail

Using the Sirimon Trail you will take four to six days on the mountain.

The Sirimon trail is a popularly used trail to reach Point Lenana Summit. It is more gradual than Naro Moru Trail. It has dormitory huts for the nights and you can do it in as little as four days.

Sirimon Route


There are two distinctive routes you can use when hiking Mt Kenya using the Sirimon Trail. You could use either the Sirimon Lower forest which begins from Nanyuki town where you drive to the entrance gate or the Sirimon Moorland.

It is noted that many hikers choose to ascend using the Sirimon trail and descend using another. This might be the speedy Naro Moru trail or the slower Chogoria trail. Depending on which trail you use to get down, you could spend up to six days on the mountain.

  1. Chogoria Trail

The Chogoria trail will take you four to six days up and down the mountain.

The Chogoria Trail is the longest and is also a popular path. The main reason why it is popular is because of its unbelievable beauty.

This is the best path to embrace the Mount Kenya landscape and you’ll get to see a huge range of wildlife from elephants to mongooses.

From gentle hikes to steep ascents, this route will lead you through fairy forests and moorlands, passing high waterfalls and gurgling streams. Make sure to look for elephants, buffaloes, and antelopes in the lower mountain region.

Chogoria route

You spend one night at beautiful Lake Ellis and have a view of Lake Michaelson from Mintos Camp. Your return leads through the wide Mackinder’s Valley along the Sirimon Route

For that reason, it would be the best trail to use if you want to enjoy the beautiful ambiance. This trail ascends gradually and you can choose a shorter path to get down.

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