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Branson's Mount Kenya Climbing

Richard Branson’s Mount Kenya Climbing Experience

British business magnate Richard Branson recently took on the Strive for Big Change initiative, which aimed to conquer Mt Kenya and raise funds for education reform. In this article, we bring you Branson’s mount Kenya climbing experience. The billionaire led … Read More

Mt Kenya Climbing Food Menu List

Mt Kenya Climbing Food Menu List

Here is a comprehensive list of Mt Kenya Food Menu List. MORNING Morning Call Tea Drinking chocolate Milo Coffee Milk FULL BREAKFAST Fried sausages Kenyan tea Drinking chocolate Coffee Powdery milk (Nido) Boiled water. • Oath porridge Seasonal Fruits Fresh … Read More

What do I Need Before I Climb Mt.Kenya?

What do you Need Before Climbing Mt.Kenya?

Proper equipment is extremely important to the success, enjoyment, comfort and safety of your trip. Please bring the following items for your climb. Porters will carry up to 22 lbs (10Kilogrames) of your personal gear, no more! If you pack … Read More

How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Kenya

How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Kenya?

How long does it take to climb mount kenya? You may ask.  Comfortably, within 4 days you can climb Mount Kenya and get to point Lenana and back. But when rock-climbing to point Batian you need a minimum of 6 … Read More

Is Mount Kenya Hard To Climb.

Is Mount Kenya Hard To Climb?

Is Mount Kenya hard to climb? You may ask. Generally, Mt Kenya is not hard nor is it simple to climb. It’s not hard because it’s not high so not bad for altitude but don’t underestimate it as most people … Read More